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Yes! I am that guy that knows electronics.

What makes different from any other online store is that I will be there to assist you with the best information and the best guidance to make sure you get the product you need and want.

So my name is Vincent and I have 30 years experience giving people the best advice on products and that includes 20 years in the electronics field and 15 years in direct retail, in one of the largest retail stores in the world. I also enjoy working with people and enjoy learning about tech. I also look at the future as a time I want to live in and want to understand how the future will evolve with the help of tech.

In designing the store I did not want to make the store to different in layout, so that it is still easy to navigate and familiar. But I included a lot of ways to get information about any product, but if you feel that you need more guidance you can contact me by email or social media to assist you.

One more thing is that we do not buy and sell products . We have partnered with EBAY to supply the handpicked products and they and their suppliers will make sure your item will be delivered to you. You will notice that when you pres the “Buy now” button you will find yourself on the EBAY site, Just carry on with you transaction there.

I did allow on the site fore comment and as long as you are not using vulgar language I will allow you give advice to other customers.