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The Foundation

1 Base Station
1 Wireless Keypad
1 Entry Sensor
1 Motion Sensor
1 FREE HD Camera

If someone tries to break in, your Base Station alerts our monitoring center, then sounds a loud 95dB siren.
It doesn’t need to be plugged in, so you can place it anywhere you like. We recommend by the front door.
The entry sensor catches intruders if they attempt to enter your front door.
The motion sensor covers a main hallway. No matter where an intruder enters, the sensor will detect them as they try to pass through.
Open box.Start Protecting.
Anyone can set up SimpliSafe in just a few minutes. No drilling. No tools. Just plug in the Base Station, place yoursensors, and start protecting your home.

Less markup.More security.
A common misconception: the more you pay,the more you get. But the truth is you’re paying for more markup. Not more security.
You shouldn’t have to pay more so we can do less.We cut out the middlemen, so you get award-winning protection at fair and honest prices.
Lights up when the sun’s down
The all new touch-to-wake keypad. Lights up when you need to see it. Goes dark when you don’t. It doesn’t need power, just a good place to put it.
Detects Intruders, not pets.
Alarms that cry wolf? No thanks. We precision-engineered our motion sensors to detect the unique heat signature of humans. Not pets.


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